Prominent Gentitals

The Adam | Eve & X series depicts the diversity of humanity in its most primitive form and questions gender roles. Oil on canvas, 2020 The paintings on canvas are an artistic interpretation and not a realistic representation of genitals of well-known personalities. Similarities to the genitals of living or deceased famous people are therefore purely coincidental and not intended. >>

This work shows the faces of the cruellest and most infamous dictators of our time, from Mao to Hitler to Mugabe. >>

The buying power of the most important currencies has been decreasing for many years. The US Dollar, for example, has lost approximately 96 per cent of its buying power over the course of 100 years. >>

What did Jesus look like? This question has been hotly debated for hundreds of years. During the years 2009 and 2010 Hans WeishΓ€upl has created a photorealistic image of Jesus. >>

Oil Painting, 1000 mm x 1600 mm >>