Hans Weishäupl was born in Weiden, Germany in 1970. He is an artist and entrepreneur working in Hamburg and Berlin. He completed his studies under Prof. Manfred Kröplien at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design in Germany. He worked as Art Director at Grabarz & Partner in 1998, before moving in 1999 to Jung von Matt in Hamburg, where he worked till 2007 as Creative Director. In 2008 he founded the creative agency „das comitee GmbH“ in Hamburg. Hans Weishäupl is a member of the Art Directors Club.


Not many contemporary artists in the world gained as much publicity as Hans Weishäupl, best-known for his art projects FACES OF EVIL (D&AD Winner ¹, Cannes Winner and mentioned in more than 40 countries), SON OF GOD 1 2 3 4 (over 600,000 views on YouTube) and the international shock campaign AIDS IS A MASSMURDERER (more than 80 million views combined across YouTube and mentioned in the news in most countries all over the world) and the project ADAM / EVE & X.