Aids Is A Massmurderer

The schock campaign AIDS IS A MASSMURDERER, that promotes December's World AIDS Day, features the greatest mass murderers in recent history having sex. It is accompanied by a series of…

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Prominent Genitals

/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Ausstellung_Hans_Weishaeupl_2020-Prominent_Genitals-Hamburg_2020-.mp4 It doesn‘t matter if we like it or not - with our face, the shape of our body or simply by the way we dress and move, we are…

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Inflation Art

The buying power of the most important currencies has been decreasing for many years. The US Dollar, for example, has lost approximately 96 per cent of its buying power over…

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Faces of Evil

This work shows the faces of the cruellest and most infamous dictators of our time, from Mao to Hitler to Mugabe. Hans Weishäupl took photographs of over 350 people in…

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Son of God did Jesus look like?This question has been hotly debated for hundreds of years. During the years 2009 and 2010 Hans Weishäupl has created a photorealistic image of Jesus. His…

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9-11Oil Painting, 1000 mm x 1600 mmHans Weishäupl, 2011Item is not for sale

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